VolleyBlog: Week 10

by Meaghan Martin

Week 10 was nothing but positive for us Skyhawks. We started off the week with a relaxing long weekend thanks to the holiday. Some of us spent this time with our families while others enjoyed quiet time on the deserted campus. This was a great time for us to recuperate after a long and tiring week and to prepare for the weeks to follow. We focused on taking care of our bodies from head to toe to make sure we were in top shape for our upcoming games. We returned to the swing of things on Tuesday with a team meeting and lift to make sure we maintain our big muscles to out-hit our opponents. And we did just that.

As the week progressed, we were preparing for two conference matches on Friday and Saturday against Assumption College and Southern Connecticut State University, respectively. However, before our matches, a handful of us were able to enjoy some recess time on Friday with the local elementary school. Yes, I said recess! This brought back some good childhood memories for us college students. We played four-square, capture the flag, and other fun activities. I think we had just as much fun as the kids did! This was a great opportunity for us to give back and the kids love when the college "kids" come to play!


After all the fun and games it was time to get serious. Seriously PINK that is! Friday was our Dig Pink match versus Assumption! We took the time to honor those who have fought/are fighting Breast Cancer. We are also over halfway to our goal of raising $500 for the Sideout Foundation! If you would like to donate, here is the link: https://www.side-out.org/cb/campaigns/campaign/8887. With all of the pink came a great team victory over Assumption.

Saturday brought us a business trip. After team brunch and film in the morning, we were off to Southern Connecticut State University. But not only was Saturday game day, it was the youngest member of our team's birthday! Katherine DeLanty (Kitty) finally turned 18! Even though Southern Connecticut didn't take us lightly, we managed to come out with a 3-0 victory! And nothing says a good victory like a trip to Chipotle. Overall, a nothing but positive week for us and hopefully many more to come as we move to number two in the conference standings!

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