VolleyBlog: Week 8

by Katherine DeLanty

This week the Stonehill women's volleyball program portrayed the epitome of what it is to be a Stonehill volleyball player - competive, loyal, and forever involved. This weekend we celebrated 35 years of Stonehill volleyball with both the new and the old. Stonehill hosted our annual alumni weekend, which began with the new - an amazing victory over Bridgeport. Bridgeport is a team that the Stonehill volleyball program has not defeated in 11 years. The support of our fans, which consisted of peers, family, and alumni was a major component of our victory. We played an amazing game where our offense connected immensely, and our blocking and serving was on point. Each player that went on the court  stepped up and did their job. The camaraderie and loyalty of the Stonehill volleyball program was present on the court with the team, and in the stands with our peers and past players. As a freshman the win against Bridgeport was amazing, and even more satisfying for the upperclassmen and the alumni to see.

The following day we gained another victory over NYIT. This victory was just as sweet and only added to an already promising weekend. Our current team was then able to talk to and get to know alumni of the Stonehill volleyball program over a potluck, which followed the victory over NYIT. I personally enjoyed seeing how much the alumni cared about, and were still involved in, the volleyball program. This event showed that once you are part of the Stonehill volleyball program you are always part of the program. The alumni and parents then played in an alumni game Saturday afternoon, where even Mr. Iverson was suited up and ready to play - kneepads and all.

Not only was this weekend filled with competitive volleyball that resulted in two Stonehill victories, but it was also Claire's birthday on Monday and Taylor's birthday weekend, which we celebrated, sprite cakes and all. We celebrated victories, alumni, and birthdays all within one weekend. Stonehill women's volleyball program did it all, does it all, and will keep doing it all.

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