VolleyBlog: Week 6

by Abby Harte

We started off this week with a big win against AIC, our first conference match of the year. We kept it exciting, taking it to five games but we pulled out the victory in the end. After a productive practice on Wednesday, we took our time on Thursday to watch film, stretch, and roll out to help our bodies recover.

 Friday was another traveling day for us. We went to Dominican College on Long Island, stopping for a nice dinner at Bertucci's on the way. We arrived with plenty of time to relax and prepare for the game. It wasn't our best performance, as we lost in four, but we took away what we could learn from it.

Saturday morning we ate breakfast and then met for film. We broke up in groups by position to discuss what we can specifically do to help our team win our match against LIU Post. To share with everyone else what we had decided, we had to come up with either a rap or a poem. Delia had a freestyle to share the outside hitters' game plan. The middles and Emily came up with an acrostic poem. The D.S.' went above and beyond with a haiku AND a rap to the Fresh Prince theme song, which Mary performed. 


After our lovely performances, we got our Panera and were on our way to LIU Post. We dropped another match, this one in three. Again, we knew we couldn't dwell on this match so we took what we could and we are going to start preparing for a big conference game against Bentley on Tuesday.

Our bus ride home was not a depressing one, however. We stopped at our favorite restaurant, Chipotle. Next to Chipotle was a pet store with dogs up for adoption out front so naturally, we all got out and played with the puppies and cried because we couldn't take them back to school. After we enjoyed our meals, we played a game to see who could catch the most grapes in their mouth in a row. It came down to me and Mary but in a nail-biting tie-breaker, Mary ended up with the win. We definitely let our competitive sides show. After this riveting game, we relaxed and some of us slept while the rest watched the Great Gatsby. It was definitely an eventful ride!

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