VolleyBlog: Week 5

by Ashley Hitchcock

Picking up where we left off in our blog last week, we had a great week here at Stonehill Volleyball. After having a successful weekend in Pennsylvania, our practices had us gearing towards our next tournament in Delaware. On Tuesday we had our first meeting with Liza, the head of Diversity here at Stonehill. In this meeting, we discussed our own team's diversity and how we can use our different backgrounds to help us come together as a team on and off the court. On Wednesday we had a Sports Psych meeting with Dave Hurley who is also a professor of Psychology at Stonehill. We talked about how to stay calm and relaxed on the court which will give us confidence and keep us mentally tough during a match.

After a week of practice, we were ready for Delaware. Another long bus ride consisted of watching Holes and of course sleeping. Half way to Delaware, we stopped for lunch at JB's Deli and Pizza. There we ran into a Stonehill alum who is supporting and helping a little girl named Elayna who has cancer. So to show our support we sent him a picture of us spelling out her name! Go Team Elayna!

On Friday, we went to five sets against Holy Family and pulled out the big win! It was great game with a lot of team effort from everyone. After a good night sleep and a healthy breakfast we were off for day two, but not before the cuddle sessions in the hotel lobby before getting on the bus!

On our way to the tournament on Saturday, we had our usual hair braiding sessions with Kat as our stylist. During our break off between games, we began our team trivia game about each other. If you were in the lobby of the gym, you would have heard how intense it got. We won both of our games against Dowling College and Wilmington University to have a 3-0 weekend, keeping us undefeated in regionals and off to a great start to the season at 6-1.

On our way home, we stopped at Chili's for a nice sit down team dinner with college football on every TV in sight. We played the final round of trivia based off of the answers from Coach and Morgan. Then we changed games and moved on to Heads Up which got very loud with the seven categories. The second installment of The Pirates of the Caribbean was the movie choice for the way home and again of course, sleeping. Sleeping on the bus has become an art and having to travel to the bathroom in the back of the bus has become a life skill. All in all it was a great week here at Stonehill Volleyball and we are getting ready for our first conference match on Tuesday at AIC!

The question of the week for the players was, "When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you were growing up?"

Marykay: Teacher

Emily: Ballerina or Teacher

Mary: Pediatrician

Ashley: Veterinarian

Taylor: Teacher

Delia: Teacher

Kelsey: Bus driver

Marty: Professional artist

MK: Inventor

Meg: Spy

Abby: Pilot

Claire: A tie between an Astronaut or a Truck Driver

Kat: Veterinarian

Petey: Lawyer like her grandpa!

As a freshman here at Stonehill, I am really starting to get a hang of the whole college thing and am really enjoying it. The team is great and very helpful when we all get stressed about schoolwork and volleyball. I couldn't imagine being on a different team than this one.

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