VolleyBlog: Week 4

by Delia Phillips

After a few weeks of being back on campus, we are all finally getting back into the swing of things. Classes have been running smoothly so far—already we have homework and projects piling up.  Volleyball has been going great as well. Even with the stress of classes, we are getting into the gym with great energy and getting better after every practice. 

This past weekend was a big one for the Skyhawks! Not only did Stonehill athletics have a winning day on Friday, with a 5-0 record across the board, but our team had our first game of the season! We voyaged a lengthy seven-hour bus trip to Millersville, Pennsylvania and battled against some stiff competition. We traveled in style with a nice bus, and traveling is one of the best bonding experiences that we have as a team! Our movie selections for this past bus trip included Friday Night Lights, Monsters University, Finding Nemo and Mrs. Doubtfire.  Our sleeping positions consisted of some downward-facing dog, featuring Meaghan Lee, as well as some fetal position, featuring Kat DeLanty.

Perhaps the highlight of our weekend, besides capturing those wins, was the Santa Gathering at our hotel. There were 50 Santa Clauses wandering around the Lancaster Host Hotel and it felt just like Christmas! After doing some research of this event, I found out that these jolly men attend workshops and discussions that include tips on grooming beards, maintaining Santa suits and answering the toughest questions from the variety of children that they meet.  It was definitely a sight worth seeing.

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