EASTON PATCH: "Stonehill Soccer's Triple Threat"

Tyler Hebert poses a threat as a forward on the field, and a Rhodes scholar candidate and aspiring hip-hop artist off the field

By Tim Rosenthal | October 17, 2010

Stonehill forward Tyler Hebert has had some pretty impressive accomplishments throughout his college career. But his biggest accomplishment this year is taking place off the soccer field.

The senior finance major was recently named a Rhodes Scholar Candidate – a postgraduate award where one is rewarded to study at the University of Oxford for up to three years.

The decision to go to Stonehill was an easy one for Hebert, as his family has impressive roots at the University.

"The fact that my brother [Derek] came was a big factor, and my dad was also involved in hockey here, so that eased the decision a bit," Hebert said. "Another big factor was that I was familiar with the campus and I knew my way around."

While Hebert didn't know too many specifics in the town of Easton before he arrived, the finance major did know about the famous shovel shops in town. And throughout his four years, he got accustomed to the town and its scene.

"I knew a little about the town," Hebert noted. "I knew about the Ames family and the shovels and all of that. It's been a very welcoming place and it's been a great supporter of Stonehill. I'm very honored to be a part of it."

While getting accustomed to the scene, Hebert has also been keeping busy both on and off the field.

To add to his impressive accomplishments both on the field and in the classroom, Hebert likes to bust a few rhymes in his spare time as an aspiring hip-hop artist.

"It's something that's been a big passion in my life since I was younger," Hebert said. "I'm looking to come out with mix tape and an album this year so I'm pretty excited about that."

Of course those things might be on hold of Hebert is indeed the recipient of the Rhodes scholar.

Hebert has had an eye on this world-renowned scholarship for the past couple years. In fact this past spring, he interned at the Pentagon, G-8 office in Washington D.C. to add to his impressive list of accomplishments. That, along with the support of his professors and his peers is another reason for Hebert to be well known on campus.

"Its something I've been looking into for the past couple years," Hebert said. "I decided to apply this year and I've been working closely with Dean [Craig] Almeida – the Dean of Academic Achivement – and he's been working with me on filling out the applications and getting in all the letters of recommendation. So far everyone has been really helpful and we got the application in on time, so that was great."

So, what happens from here for Hebert's status on the Rhodes scholar?

"We just wait for the committee to get back in touch with me," he said. "Hopefully they'll want me to come in for an interview, and there will be some rounds of interviewing and from there they will make the decision."

The 32 Rhodes scholars will be named in a ceremony in Washington D.C. right before Thanksgiving. But, even if Hebert doesn't receive the scholarship his past accomplishments, both on and off the field, have certainly been impressive.