IRELAND 2012: Men's Basketball Blog Day 4

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My name is Brian Hamor and I am a rising senior for the Stonehill men's basketball team. It's Sunday morning and we have spent one night in our second destination Cork. We visited the Cliffs of Moher yesterday and it was an amazing scenery. We were able to walk up close to the cliffs and literally watch some people look right off the edge (too close for my comfort). While walking around the cliffs we were able to witness an amazing view of the water and everything else in the distance. It was good to learn about the history of the forming of the cliffs 350 million years ago while getting a chance to see the surreal view. It was honestly an indescribable experience and one that the team and I will never forget.

After this trip we were able to sit down and have a great meal at a local pub. We basically had the whole pub to ourselves so it was a good chance to hang out with our whole group at once and reflect on the whole experience. Later that night it was our last in Galway and we met some great people out in the city. They were very nice and showed us the best places to have a good time. The following morning we went for a run to the beach so we could jump off the high dive near the ocean. Even though I wouldn't jump because it was way too high for me, mostly everyone else had a blast jumping off it.

Right after the run we left for Cork and stopped at a town near Cork called Adare. It was a small town that had great places to eat and a nice park to hang out in. We were all tired from the previous adventures so it was nice to hang out in the park and embrace the culture and people around us. We arrived at our hotel in Cork and it is right in the middle of the city. Our last hotel was right outside the city so it was nice to be within walking distance to everywhere we wanted to go. Our first night in Cork was a lot of fun, we met some more people that were very nice and we had a great time hanging out with them and learning about the city and best places to go.

Today we are going to take a tour and learn about the history of the Titantic and later visit the Jameson Factory. 

Thanks for all the support.

My classmate Raheem May Thompson will be following up with the next blog.


The team visited Cliff of Moher.

The team posed for a photo at Cork Screw Hill. Something tells me Mitch Amelio could be doing a little extra running when Coach Quinn sees this pic!

Some of the team at Cliff of Moher.