IRELAND 2012: Men's Basketball Trip Blog #7

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My name is Jack Cole and I am a rising sophomore. Our trip through Ireland thus far has been full of new experiences. We have seen incredible sights and increased our knowledge of the area.

Yesterday was action packed, as we spent the whole day accompanied by a tour guide, touring around Dublin with stops made at St. Patrick's Cathedral and Trinity College, where we visited the library and the Book of Kells. St. Patrick's Cathedral was truly an amazing sight. The size of it and the detail that went into every piece of it was mind blowing. There were numerous shrines and memorials for people who have sacrificed for Ireland and the church. Almost everything in the cathedral is worthy of taking a picture of. Our tour guide was very personable and was full of knowledge, as she made the walk around the cathedral informational as well as awe inspiring.

Our next stop was Trinity College, which is 500 years older than Stonehill College. Located in the middle of the city, it has a very different feel than Stonehill. Because of its location, there is easy access to numerous lunch spots and the stores in the area. We walked through the Book of Kells, which was incredibly interesting. The Book of Kells is an illuminated manuscript of the Gospels made in the 8th or 9th century. It is amazing to see something so old still be preserved and in such good shape. They are incredible and I recommend visiting them to everyone.

After walking through the Book of Kells, we got a good taste of the day to day activity in Dublin. We walked around the busy streets and navigated to several small shops and eateries. Being in Dublin is quite an experience because of its different characteristics than a city such as New York. Although there are noticeable differences, Dublin is just as fun.

Following our long day in Dublin, we played our third game of the trip and won. We have only a few days left of our stay in Ireland, but we plan on making the most of them!

Team inside St. Patrick's Cathedral

Library at Trinity College