IRELAND 2012: Men's Basketball Blog 4

Our blogger Raheem May-Thompson inside Blarney Castle.

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Hey all, this is Raheem May-Thompson, a senior of the Stonehill Skyhawks mens basketball team.

We're out here in Ireland and have arrived in Cork. Upon arriving here it was apparent that Cork is a bigger and busier city than Galway. The size of Cork dwarfs our pervious location and has many beautiful features about it such as steep hills and two rivers cutting straight through the city. The city itself is vast in size and caters to many different types of people. We have been on two trips so far while staying here, one to the Cork Harbor called Cobh (Cove) and the other to the Jameson Distillery. What we all found interesting is that the great ship that everyone has heard of, the Titanic, was once here, and it was the final stop as well as the last sighting of the great boat. We took a tour of Cobh and discovered the story of the Titanic. The boat anchored right off of the great harbor, as this sped up the boat's travel time to the US. Passengers were forced to take smaller boats to board the Titanic, thus ensuring a quicker mail delivery time to the US.

After we took a look around the Cobh, we headed to the Jameson distillery to see how they made whiskey. This was interesting and unique as Jameson uses their own special technique that differentiates their whiskey from any other whiskey in the world. The main factor was the use of triple distillation. This process involved heating up their mixture and cooling it down three times to allow it to gain its unique and individual taste from the different types of whiskey. Not only was this a key factor in their whiskey making but then they kept the whiskey in barrels for at least 3 years to gain its flavor.

Thanks for all the support and junior Mitch Amelio will be in contact with you tomorrow.

The team at Cobh Harbor, the last stop for the Titanic before heading across the Atlantic. This harbor is where passengers were taken out by boats (from the docks) to Titanic, waiting in the harbor and loaded up to the ship.
The team posed for a photo in Cobh with Saint Colmans Cathedral in the background.

Both teams in Cobh Harbor

Blarney Castle
The team with Blarney Castle as a backdrop
The team at Blarney Castle
Team at Blarney Castle