What They Are Saying About Coach Talley

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"I was very pleased about Coach Talley's hiring. While he was here and even as he kept in touch with our staff over the years, he has made a strong impression as an eager and focused young coach who was determined to advance his career."

-Bill Belichick, New England Patriots Head Coach


"I was excited to hear of Robert Talley's hiring as head football coach at Stonehill College. He is an outstanding young coach who has an excellent opportunity, and from what he saw, he will make the most of it. Robert's tireless effort, perseverance and integrity have earned him swift promotion through the coaching ranks. His energy, personality and understanding of people will give him a tremendous advantage in recruiting the prospective student-athlete."
-Tom Coughlin, New York Giants Head Coach

"Rob Talley is a passionate and disciplined leader. He has enjoyed success in both college and the NFL. He is not only a great coach, but a great person. Rob will do an outstanding job at Stonehill College.
-Romeo Crennel, Houston Texans Defensive Coordinator


"Robert is a really sharp guy and he was a lot of help to me during my season with the 49ers in preparing for each and every game. I think he has a good grasp of how to prepare a team and I think he is going to do a very good job at Stonehill."
-Norv Turner, Minnesota Vikings Offensive Coordinator



"Rob Talley is a very bright, very hard-working, determined young coach who has represented himself and every institution he's been involved with in a very professional manner. I have no doubt that he is going to do a tremendous job at Stonehill College. He's easy to talk to, a good listener and a very bright man."
-Dick Jauron, former head coach Chicago Bears & Buffalo Bills



"Congratulations to Stonehill College for hiring Robert Talley as the Skyhawks new head football coach. Of course, he was chosen because of his excellence in coaching. But the hire also helps open the door that has too long kept African-Americans out of head coaching positions in college football."
-Myles Brand, former NCAA president