GEORGETOWN RECORD: "Georgetown's Esposito, Jamerson help Northeast-10 rivals on football gridiron"

By Joshua Boyd/Wicked Local Georgetown
Georgetown Record

This year's Sept. 20 match-up between those two teams saw a 41-38 Stonehill victory, and in 2012, it was a two-point (26-24) affair. It's the type of rivalry that could make cohabitants of a given town put their local loyalties aside.

Not for Chris Esposito and Kyle Jamerson – they see it more as a notch in their belt and a good reflection of the athletic skills in Georgetown as a whole.

That night of Sept. 20 saw Stonehill strong side linebacker Esposito, and Assumption special teams player Jamerson in another chapter of their rivalry showdown, with Esposito holding the 3-0 edge since they left their respective high schools.

"It was cool and weird to see him across the field, and to see two small town kids playing Division 2 football," said Esposito, a former Georgetown High football captain and the 2009 season quarterback. "There are not too many kids from [Massachusetts high school] Division 3 or 4, most of the kids are from out-of-state on my team."

"Obviously, it's different seeing him on the other side," added Jamerson, a 2011 Pingree School graduate. "We played basketball, baseball and football together in eighth grade. It's always good to see someone you know – it makes for more competitiveness."

Esposito this year is eighth in tackles for the Stonehill Skyhawks, and is tied for second in assists with 18.
"Division 2 is good football, and I'm lucky to still be playing," said Esposito. "It's been a while since I've been in high school, but it's definitely more meetings, film and preparation."

Esposito worked his way into his starting linebacker spot, after doing spot duty as a freshman and sophomore. He played nine games as a junior (in 20120 and had five tackles that season.

"It's not like Georgetown, where you could come into the varsity program and play as a freshman," said Esposito. "I'm fortunate enough to have a starting spot.

"In high school, I didn't have as many responsibilities, you could just play," he said. "Here, it's much more game planning. I've learned a lot more about college football and my position."

Out in Worcester, at Assumption College, it's been a similar situation of working and waiting for Jamerson.

"I started out on special teams, though last year, I caught [four] passes and scored a touchdown [on Oct. 27, 2012 against Pace]," said Jamerson. "This year, we have a new head coach and a new staff. The whole attitude of the team has changed. It's very exciting and good to be here. It's a great school, a great bunch of guys on the team. I love playing for Assumption."

This year, Jamerson is playing on punt block and other special teams, and he's also run routes as a receiver.

"Whatever the coach [Bob Chesney] wants you to do, you go out and do it as well as possible," he said.
In the classroom, they have different interests, but are passionate about their education.

"I'm majoring in finance, minoring in economics," said Esposito. "It has been tough, with this year being the culmination of the last four years. I knew I wanted to go into business or finance, and I chose finance for the career opportunities. Also, at Stonehill, it's a good level of football and able to be close to home."

Esposito has made the NE-10 Commissioner's Honor Roll for four semesters in the last three years.
Jamerson was going to go into business, but followed a different passion – graphic design.

"I enjoy being creative, so I kind of went that route. I'm looking for a summer internship, and hoping to do something involving sports," said Jamerson. "I have a minor in marketing, too, so maybe I'd like to work for a sports equipment company like Nike, designing ads."

It's college, and it opens the door to many different futures. Players are proud of their schools, and are ready to take that to the field every weekend.