TRI-TOWN TRANSCRIPT: "Topsfield's Anderson ties Stonehill College football interception record"

By Andrew Pezzelli/Wicked Local Topsfield

Topsfield - On Sept. 22, the Stonehill Skyhawks won their third straight game with a 26-24 victory over Assumption College.

A highlight of the game was senior cornerback Kevin Anderson's tying of a school record with three interceptions in a single game.

Anderson, a Topsfield native and graduate of Masconomet High School, first thanked God for what unfolded on that day, and then credited his coaches for his performance on the field.

"Coaching has a lot to do with it," Anderson said. "Coaches know a lot, and they show you a lot of the little things like how receivers get off the line, what routes get run out of certain formations, who a quarterback likes to go to in certain situations."

That coaching had Anderson in position all day to make plays.

"Assumption is a good team," Anderson said. "We knew we'd need big plays. All I did was go out there and do my job. When the ball is in the air, I got to go get it."

Anderson's first two interceptions came on man-to-man situations where, as Anderson put it, he "had to go get the ball."

The third and final interception came on a play where Anderson's preparation and coaching came in handy.

"On the last interception they came out in a particular formation," said Anderson, "and from watching film, we knew what they were going to do."

Anderson simply had to sit and wait for the quarterback to make his move, and then make his own. Jumping the route and picking off his record tying third pass of the day.

"It means a lot," Anderson said of tying a school record, "but it's a team effort, you need the team to win games."

And winning games is what he hopes to do a lot of this year.

"I have great expectation for this team," Anderson said. "We are a great team, and there is no other expectation than to win a championship."

Now a senior, Anderson can reflect back on how he's grown as a player, and what's changed from his high school days to this season, his last as a Skyhawk.

"I still have the same passion for the game," he said, "The passion has always been there for me."

Anderson also feels that now after four years of college he has a greater understanding of the game than he did at Masconomet.

"I have more knowledge of the game," he said, "I've learned how receivers run their routes, how certain quarterbacks throw the ball, what lineman are doing … I feel like I know a lot more about that."

Having that knowledge allows every player to play more instinctually, which helps when the biggest difference Anderson noted from the high school game to the college game is the speed of the game.

"The speed is so different," Anderson said, "everybody out there; all the athletes are good players."

Anderson is currently enrolled in Stonehill's communications program and hopes to become a personal trainer or sports agent when his playing career is over. Unless of course he gets that call that every football player dreams about.

"Going to the NFL would be a dream come true," Anderson said. "But we'll see, only God knows."